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your serene shelter

After a long day of exploring the island, Andros Serenity is your peaceful retreat , your serene shelter that offers you lavishly an absolute calmness of mind.


A dive into the crystal pool water or a gentle full-body massage into the Jacuzzi, will offer you long-lasting wellness for the body and mind.


You will feel total relaxation, sleeping on our top-quality anatomical mattresses, carefully selected, so that you’ll have the most rejuvenating and refreshing sleep.


A deep relaxing silence, away from everything, in the middle of the wild Cycladic nature.


Allow Andros Serenity to empty your mind from worries, anxiety, pressure and fill it with calmness, joy and peace, while you enjoy our breathtaking view of the infinite Aegean sea.


It is the smell of the sea and wild flora, the unforgettable scent of wild thyme, oregano and sage, the hot rocks, the summer breeze and the waves that will seduce you again and again.


Take a minute. Close your eyes. Imagine you are already here. Take a deep breath in.

Can you smell it? Can you hear it? Can you see it?


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